Thursday, 24 November 2011

Muslims for secular democracy

A brave article, "A different sort of Valley ‘protest’", by Javed Anand of the organisation, Muslims for Secular Democracy is in The Indian Express today:

All I can say is that we also need Christians for secular democracy, Hindus for secular democracy, and so on.

Most of all we need upper castes committed to genuine democracy for dalitbahujans.

That will come only if we are all committed to education and freedom of thought for all.

Free markets in goods and services are only as important as free markets in philosophy, religions and ideologies.

That is the only way we can arrive at our own conclusions - and change our minds about these and other matters, if we feel that necessary or desirable.

Freedom of thought, of association, and of action is the only way we will grow beyond the sort of development that our country is experiencing at present, and grow into the kind of national development that we all, I believe, really desire.

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