Saturday, 26 November 2011

Fraudunlent "Swiss Bank Corporation" note regarding accounts allegedly held in Switzerland by Rajeev Gandhi, A Raja and others

A relative of mine forwards to me a note claiming to be from "Swiss Bank Corporation" showing that accounts there are currently as follows:

"Rajeev Ratna Gandhi - 1,98,356/-Crores
Andimuthu Raja - 7,856/-Crores
Harshad Mehta - 1,35,121/- Crores
Sharad Govindrao Pawar - 28,956/-Crores
Palaniappan Chidambaram - 33,451/-Crores
Suresh Kalmadi - 5,560/-Crores
Muthuvel Karunanidhi - 35,009/-Crores
Ketan Parekh - 8,256/-Crores
Chirag Jayesh Mohini - 96,455/-Crores
Kalanithi Maran - 15,090/-Crores".

My relative asks how authentic such a note is likely to be.

Naturally, the named people may have this much or even more money in accounts outside India or possibly in Switzerland(though the latter is highly unlikely, for reasons I have written about on my Blog and elsewhere).

However, my reply to my relative consisted of this one line: "Swiss Bank Corporation stopped existing in 1998".

Simple tests regarding the authenticity of any such note would be: What is the date mentioned on the note? Does the company actually exist from which the note claims to originate? Why would they send such a note to the person who claims that the note has been sent to her/him? Would such a note ever list more than one person? Why would the amount of money held by her/him be listed? Is the list at least in some sort of order? (Above, the list is neither in alphabetical order nor in the order of amounts held..., nor is there any other indication of why the list should be in this particular order - rather the order might indicate the preoccupations of the people fabricating this note).

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