Saturday, 30 June 2012

Indian products still have quality problems - even if they are not as severe as those of Chinese products

A friend kindly brought me a Racer shirt from India as a present

Nice cloth.

Beautiful and unusual design.

Only problems:

Within minutes of wearing it for the first time, the neck button fell off.

And the shirt is supposed to be "Dry Clean Only".
Which makes it a rather expensive shirt to use regularly....

So the Noah/ John Louis shirts remain the best produced in India - no quality problems at all so far, though I have been buying and using them for some years. 

For transparency: I should declare that the owner is the husband of a 4th cousin.  However, I don't have any financial interest in the company and, till a couple of years ago, was not aware of the relationship.  And I do try to be objective in my judgements!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hai mera Bharat Mahaan?

Shreyash Gautam sends me the following:

Hai mera Bharat mahaan..???

 Ek Desh jahaa Pizza Ambulance ke pehle ghar pahuchta hai..

 Jahaa Car Loan 7% hai aur Education Loan 12%..

 Jahaa Chaawal Rs. 40/kg me milta hai aur sim card free..

 Jahaa Log Durga ki pooja karte hai aur ladki paidaa hone pe uska khoon..

 Jahaa Olympic Shooter ko gold medal jitne pe sarkar 3 crore deti hai, aur Dusra Shooter jo aatankwaadi se ladte shahid ho jata hai use 1 lakh..

 Sach me hamara bharat mahaan hai...

 Jaago india jaago.!!!
 Jaago Bahujano Jaaagoo.......!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Progress with research into nutrition

it is over 10 years since the above-announced research project was commissioned.  The Defence Research and Development Organisation, the University of Pune, and the National Institute of Virology were supposed to investigate ideas in the Arthashastra for, e.g. a single meal that is enough for a month.

If anyone is aware of any progress on this, I will be grateful if this could be brought to my attention.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Maanav Adhikaar Paaritaushik for 2011

The Maanav Adhikaar Paaritaushik (Human Dignity Award) of Rupees One Lakh, in memory of Professor M. M. Guptara is awarded for 2011 to Mr & Mrs Chandra Kant Shourie, of Satya Niketan School, Nagod, Madhya Pradesh.

The citation reads:

"In spite of having hardly any resources or support, the Shouries founded in 1985 a school in one of the most backward areas of our country (Nagod, Madhya Pradesh).

"Starting by transforming their own living room each morning into the first classroom for the initial kindergarden class of 20 children sitting on the floor on mats and around an old dining table, the now-fully-fledged High School has 650 pupils producing outstanding results all the way to 12th grade, with teachers trained in India as well as abroad.

"Satya Niketan is the only high school in the area providing quality education through English so that the children get a chance to go forward in the world, equipped to address the challenges of higher education in the different fields which are opening up in our country.

"Particularly noteworthy is their work with children from very poor homes, who would probably never have been educated otherwise. Satya Niketan alumni are working as engineers, IT professionals, doctors and  other fields, earning enough to lift their families out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

"Equally important, Satya Niketan has become a channel of dialogue with society, challenging long held superstitions and beliefs which have been detrimental to the development of our society and nation: a point of challenge and change, as every educational institution ought to be".

The Guptara family appreciates Mr and Mrs Shourie's lifetime of dedicated service, of which this award is only a very poor and inadequate token of recognition.  "The Shourie family's contribution to the area has been outstanding, and their contribution to our country has been exemplary, as they have helped people of all backgrounds, particularly female students, and those of a poor economic and caste status" said Professor Prabhu Guptara, son of Professor M. M. Guptara.