Thursday, 9 May 2013

If there is a crisis of India's soul, what has caused it?

A friend writes: What do you think of this from Gallup and others who have less credibility?:

My response:

"This is usual Deepak Chopra rubbish, half-true and half-false, with some intuition into what is happening, but attempting to compensate for lack of analysis with a scattering of facts.

"I am surprised that Jim Clifton allowed his name to be linked with Chopra's.

"The simple question that arises for any half-intelligent person from the article is: if there is a crisis, what caused it?

"Since Chopra and Clifton do not even begin to hint at what caused it, the article cannot be taken seriously.

"Actually, the crisis is caused by two things:

"(1) the civilizational crisis in the USA (which has impacted all other countries, since the US is still the world's lead economy), and

"(2) the political and administrative paralysis in India itself, with the rise of a generation of selfish and manipulative leaders (of all parties) following the decline of Biblical as well as nationalistic influence in the country."