Saturday, 30 June 2012

Indian products still have quality problems - even if they are not as severe as those of Chinese products

A friend kindly brought me a Racer shirt from India as a present

Nice cloth.

Beautiful and unusual design.

Only problems:

Within minutes of wearing it for the first time, the neck button fell off.

And the shirt is supposed to be "Dry Clean Only".
Which makes it a rather expensive shirt to use regularly....

So the Noah/ John Louis shirts remain the best produced in India - no quality problems at all so far, though I have been buying and using them for some years. 

For transparency: I should declare that the owner is the husband of a 4th cousin.  However, I don't have any financial interest in the company and, till a couple of years ago, was not aware of the relationship.  And I do try to be objective in my judgements!

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