Monday, 28 November 2011

More and more impressive: Forward Press magazine

The magazine started boldly, struggled to find its voice for several months, but has for about a year now being doing better and better.

The current issue is outstanding:

- Bihar: Who Got How Much Land and for How Much?

- Which castes have what percentage of faculty positions at India's premier university, JNU?

- should one version of the Rama story be imposed on everyone - and if so, which?, by Ram Puniyani

- Is the father of the Indian Constitution, Dr Ambedkar, now outshining Gandhiji?, by Prof Kancha Ilaiah

- Nuclear energy: does India need it? by Ratan Mani Lal

- The monumental dalit response to "national" memorials across the Yamuna from Delhi

- Call for splintered Dalitbahujan movements to come together

- Chandra Bhushan Prasad Yadav, Editor-in-Chief, Yadav Shakti, asks "the Mulnivasi castes... the original inhabitants" of India to read and to think

- Progress-prone versus Progress-Resistant Societies: Why Real Change is So Hard, by Thom Wolf

- review of Jagdeo Prasad's Complete Works, by Dr Sanjay Navle

- Srilal Shukla: a tribute by Prem Kumar Mani

- our national language, Hindi - how was it created?, by Vishal Mangalwadi

- the story of the creation of the first-ever Hindi thesaurus, by Arvind and Kusum Kumar

- should 27% of all government purchases and contracts be awarded to dalitbahujans?, by an Indian professor

- Mayawati and Nitish: Similar Path, Different Destinations, by Rajnikant Vashishtha

- Waman Meshram calls on all SCs, STs n OBCs to oppose the hypocrisy of both the Congress and the BJP

- On Phule’s death anniversary, Truthseekers International's honour to the unrecognized work of farming

- Mahishasura and Macaulay: The Limits of Postmodernity, by Ivan Kostka

- case study of decision-making in a family, by Hansraj and Kasturbai Jain

- and more...

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