Wednesday, 21 November 2012

What do Hindus feel about the execution of Kasab?

I guess there are as many views as there are Hindus. Some will no doubt be delighted - simply because they have blood lust (there is a certain proportion of such people in every group of humans). Some will feel that though they do not, in general, like this sort of thing, execution is justified in this particular case because of the heinous nature of the crime committed. Others feel that the death penalty is justified in all cases where it is a question of deliberate murder, specially in cases where there is repetition of the offence. As one reads these various articles and opinions, it is amusing how people make up their own version of "Hinduism" to justify their position. For example, asserts that Hinduism forbids executions such as of Kasab. Though, in the above case, the author, quotes Gandhiji in order to justify his position, the quote is misapplied. In any case, Gandhiji may have been a mahatma but he can hardly be considered an authority on "Hinduism". And none of the other articles that I have read quotes any authority at all in order to justify their assertions. So I guess, as we Hindus have no central authority, every one of us is free to sanctify and dignify our own subjective opinions as those of "Hinduism"!

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