Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sad situation of Indians who borrowed money in order to study abroad

Here is a typical letter that I have received.

"Hello Sir, ... I have a request. I studied Masters in Urban and Regional Planning(specialized infrastructure management and sustainable development) from .... I tried very much for the job here but it’s very hard here as companies are not ready to hire foreign nationals plus language is also a major issue as I don’t speak ... very well, I just know some basics as I was studying in English here. Sir, I supported my masters with loan and thought of having a good job since I was studying in a prestigious institution. Now, since I don’t have a job, I have become financially weak. Sir, I tried for a job in (another country) also, but till now there is no reply from there also. Sir, I would like to request is it possible to get a job there in Switzerland or any other place. Sir, I am very hardworking and have got very good management skills. Sir, any normal job will be very ok for me as I want to make myself stable. Sir, I will be very grateful if any possible help can be done. Sir, I will wait for your response as I have very limited time in ... . Sincerely, ..."

This poor person's visa runs out soon. How many Indians who studied abroad are in this predicament? Who cares? Who knows? I wish I could do something about it. But what? Is this not something for the government or for NGOs to take up?

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