Sunday, 11 March 2012

India's only political party committed to building a cadre to serve the people, responds to the UP election results: Crushed But Not Destroyed

The darkest night is before the dawn!

Here is the mail I have just received from the Adarsh Rashtriya Vikas Party which, in spite of all its efforts over the last 2 years, did not win a single seat in the UP elections:


"The dust has settled and results are out. To say that we are dismayed and disappointed is to state the obvious. At this moment, we are still trying to assess why we couldn’t make a dent. It will take us some time to analyze the results after a series of discussions with all layers of people who are involved. As the days go by, there is a sense that everything is not as bleak as we imagine. The people involved continue to show resolve and a commitment to continue this battle. The mood is one of knowing that this movement is absolutely right and necessary. This result has shown us that this is going to be a long drawn out battle. The present political scenario will revert back to type in a few months from now. It will be business as usual with very little likely to change for the poor, marginalized and oppressed.

"We have to convince our people that unless leaders with a high level of integrity approach politics with a heart to serve, nothing much will change in their lives. As we travel into the villages of U.P., we see the reality and harshness of poverty, hopelessness, injustice, inequality and lack of hope for the future. We are deeply moved and concerned. We need to continuethis battle for their sakes.

"Thank you so much for standing with us. We pray for your continued support in this endeavor. We are definitely struck down, but not destroyed! We arise once again to be counted, with renewed resolve and fervor in the message we have burning in our hearts for the sake of the millions who must see light. We do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are determined!"

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