Saturday, 15 March 2014

Which was India's very FIRST "Ram Rajya Party"?

I don't know for sure, but the following might provide a clue (it is in FROM PURDAH TO THE PEOPLE (Editor: Frances Taft), by Padma Shri Laxmi Kumari Chudawat, Rawat Publications, Jaipur and New Delhi, 2000, page 128 - though, except for the translation of the name of the Party, all the material in brackets in the quote is mine):

"The first election to the (newly-constituted) Rajasthan Assembly was to be held in 1952, and the Rajputs organised (themselves in order) to prevent the Congress, which was committed to jagirdari abolition, from controlling the Assembly. So with great fanfare the Rajputs inaugurated a political party, called Ram Rajya Parishad (Ram's Rule Party) which co-operated with several other parties as well as independents to oppose the Congress. They were led by the Maharaja of Jodhpur Hunuwant Singhji"

That party did not get anywhere...

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  1. Good information on the Ram Rajya Parishad. The party did not get anywhere because of the mysterious death of Maharaja Hanuwant Singhji....just before the election results in Rajasthan.

    Still the Ram Rajya Parishad was the main opposition party in Rajasthan. See more here: