Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Nazis created the myth of the Aryan super race of the past, and sold that fiction to the naive German populace...a similar thing is happening in India (of course like in Germany of the past, there are still many Hindus that question this nonsense)

The title (above) is from the latest message sent by a correspondent of mine, who is interacting with me on the subject of whether India was leagues ahead of other countries in technology before "the British destroyed our civilisation".

Here is an excerpt from my last mail to him:

It is difficult enough to understand how a rich and highly populated land like India could have come to be ruled by foreigners, even assuming parity in technology.

If one asserts that Indian technology was actually that many leagues better, then the difficulty becomes insuperable – or rather the moral turpitude of our ancestors becomes even more incredible, as the only reason we would have lost would have been betrayal by insiders.

In that case, we may have been technologically superior, but we were all the more morally inferior – and our own history should be a standing illustration of the fact that all the technological superiority in the world is of no use when there is lack of honesty, morality and loyalty.

So the preeminent factor in civilizational longevity or success is not technology but morality.

And if our culture BEFORE the foreigners came was not able to build a sufficient morality or ethics, then what is the use of trying to revive that culture?

Does our ancient culture not need to be supplemented by ethical and moral values from a different source?

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