Thursday, 12 July 2012

New CEO for King's Kurry in Zurich

Torsten Danielsson, the Danish restaurant entrepreneur, has been unanimously appointed as CEO of King’s Kurry Group, by the Board of Directors.  He has worked with the King’s Kurry Group since 2009, successfully launching the Group Purchasing and Expansion initiatives, including the Rickshaw and Little India projects.

He will be responsible for the wide range of activities of King’s Kurry Group, concentrating on further expansion with partners such as MIGROS (e.g. Anna’s Best INDIA ready meals range) and fine dining establishments, such as the recent co-operation with Badrutt’s Palace ***** Hotel in St. Moritz.

Ranjeet Guptara, Founder and Director of King’s Kurry says, “As I leave operations to get married and take the opportunity to study in Cambridge, I am grateful that King’s Kurry can benefit from Torsten’s international experience, in the heritage of his Viking trading ancestors.  Denmark and India have been trading partners for more than 500 years, so I am glad to have found a leader who understands both European and Indian cuisine, culture and commerce. Mr Danielsson has already brought a level of expertise and positive change to King’s Kurry in the last three years that is transformative.”

Torsten Danielsson, the designated CEO, says “I am excited about taking this next step forward in the King’s Kurry Group. The challenges in general in Gastronomy will not become smaller in the coming years and King’s Kurry wants to not only sustain existing restaurants and product sales but  also to become the leading Indian brand in Europe. I look forward to  taking on this challenge together with the competent and vibrant team in the King’s Kurry Group.”

About Torsten Danielsson:

Torsten Danielsson, born in 1964 in Denmark, studied Economics at Aarhus University before leading multi-site restaurants across Denmark.  He has also worked as an entrepreneur in the construction and diamond tool industries.    He has a daughter, has lived in Zurich since 2002, and represents Switzerland internationally in Carambole Billiards.

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