Monday, 20 February 2012

Congratulations to the Editor-in-Chief of Forward Press Magazine

Congratulations on the 60th birthday of Ivan Kostka.

He not only returned to India after many years in the US and Canada, but took on the challenge of settling in Delhi rather than in his native Mumbai.

Since returning 4 years ago, he has battled with Indian bureaucracy, bought a home and a commercial property, registered a company, registered the name of a magazine, started it, got approval from the postal authorities, and has already catapulted the magazine to the front of the mind of the social/ political/ intellectual/ cultural leaders among the majority in India's hindi belt.

All of that is impressive.

But what is most impressive is that his wife and he have done it all without giving even one single bribe!

And that where it is most difficult - in Delhi!

Three cheers!

You make me proud and happy to be an Indian.

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