Monday, 24 October 2011

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I am very encouraged to see the following report from the Adarsh Rashtriya Vikas Party, which is the true inheritor of the Gandhian legacy in India:

Growing, as the day draws nigh – Training Report October 10th 2011:

This month’s meeting was held in our previous location of APS Lawns. It was good to be back in comfortable surroundings after some months of nomadic wanderings. Nearly 250 persons attended, which implies more and more numbers are being exposed to the ARVP vision and are keen to understand and absorb what this movement for change is all about. A separate training programme held for these new and potential candidates was expansive – necessary, because the news of the elections will draw people for the wrong reasons.

As we draw closer to election-day and as our people realise that all finances and resources necessary for their grassroots work has to be raised by them through membership, there is a natural tentativeness whether this is workable. We have constantly reiterated to our workers that this is a radical movement which calls for a different type of political party if we are to bring decent people into politics. Leadership necessary for this kind of movement is based on a genuine heart to serve the people with sacrificial intent and hard work. Such seemingly novel ideas are therefore received rather tentatively, raising obvious questions in the minds of the candidates. It was thus heartening to see so many of them resolving to walk this path, knowing the difficulties, hardships and risks.

Since July 2011, we have been focusing on the padyatra and it has been extremely difficult to motivate, challenge and help these candidates to undertake this strenuous activity. Many of them have not entirely lived up to expectations, however at least 40- 50 have displayed integrity of purpose. The padyatra will continue until December 2011. We are encouraging our candidates to complete at least 2 or 3 rounds of the padyatra in every village of their constituency. The success of our movement will depend a lot on this preparatory work involved in the padyatra. This whole month is focused on this aspect and the training programme was designed to reinforce this activity by assigning our voluntary workers, mandal leaders and team leaders to be with these candidates on a regular basis. The meeting itself was intense, starting at 8.30 in the morning and finishing at 7 p.m. The sathya nishta training covered the aspect of team building by utilising a game which helped them to understand the importance of team work. They were joyful like little children in a playground, laughing and learning.

General comments

As we draw nearer to the election dates, we are more acutely aware of the difficulty of the task. The intention to fight this election without using much money and without resorting to the use of caste or religion is a challenge and a very necessary requirement if we have to change the political framework of U.P. For this to become real we need not only to fight these coming elections using this format, but we need to show the way towards belief by winning seats. Please continue to advocate and help financially for posters and banners which is vital publicity for the Party.

Special field report - First public meeting

On the 16th of October, we held our first small public meeting in the district of Ambedkarnagar. The candidate fighting from this constituency is Manbod Yadav - a young, passionate leader - whose life has been transformed through ARVP in the last 18 months. The meeting was the first of its kind where people had to come on their own and all expenses had to be raised through contributions at the local level. About 1,000 people came on cycles, tractors and some on foot. They come because they are attracted to the vision and are convinced that this is the only way forward. We were particularly touched because most of these were the poorest of the poor. They came because they hope that ARVP will live up to its promise of making a difference to their lives. Beholding such response and witnessing their dire need has made us stronger in our resolve that we must win this battle for their sake. The audio of the speech and the photographs of the meeting will come up on Facebook shortly. We request you to advocate this cause for change through all related media... i.e. Facebook, blogs, Twitter etc.

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We value your commitment in standing with us!

The ARVP Team

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