Thursday, 1 September 2011

Congratulations to Zubin Mehta for continuing in spite of disturbances

Zubin Mehta is one of the foremost conductors in the world and I admire the way he continued despite organised disturbances of "his" performances at the world-famous BBC Proms in England yesterday

Pro-Palestinian protestors have every right to protest, but they need to have a better sense of what sorts of protests will win them public sympathy and what sorts of protests will lose them public sympathy.

As far as I can see, disturbing classical music concerts is going to lose them public sympathy - at least I am going to be marginally less in sympathy with them from now on.

Meanwhile, my admiration for Zubin Mehta has grown. He has proved himself unflappable as a human being and as a conductor.

When everything becomes war, small civilities matter even more - and classical music (for me, Western as well as Indian) is one of the things that enriches life.

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