Saturday, 30 July 2011

Food on the Mumbai-Pune Express Tollway

Travelling from Mumbai towards Pune:

Soon after paying the Toll, one arrives at a Food Track (eatery, with street food as well as restaurant-type food). There are lots of smaller kiosks and a main eatery (one can't really call it a restaurant, as there are no places to sit, only tall tables at which one has to stand and eat).

The "Special Tea" in the main place was delicious.

Almost every item of food was quite reasonably priced in all the outlets here (I find street food at any half-respectable place in India is now Rs 40 an item, which isn't cheap).

The best buy is the Thali, in the main outlet, available at Rs 100.

Recommended for a family or friends.

(I have no financial interest in the Tollway or the Food Track!)

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