Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Terrible situation for those who apply for Indian passports

At least, the situation is terrible in Hyderabad.

I have a friend whose existing passport is due to expire in August and, to apply for a visa, of coure needed it to be valid for at least 6 months beyond his scheduled date of departure for work abroad.

He applied for the new passport under the so-called emergency quota in May this year.

He still has not been able to get the renewed passport.

According to the staff at the office, his file has been "misplaced" in the passport office.

Apparently, there are about 100,000 files in the office, and the backlog keeps growing every day.

The staff claim that they have been searching for his file for the last five days.

My view is that the staff in the office are simply looking for a bribe....

WHY do we allow this ridiculous situation?

Why is it that we long ago automated the process of applying for OCI and PIO cards, but even now not for passports?

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