Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Different procedures at different Indian airports

At Bhubaneshwar, they screen for boarding passes twice for some reason! After that, you have to screen your luggage BEFORE you can proceed to Check In (reversing the usual order).

This does make sense from a security point of view, but it is explained nowhere in writing or verbally, resulting in much confusion right at the entry to the airport.

Further, there is no system for removing luggage torlleys once luggage has been checked in, resulting in a log jam of trolleys immediately in front of the Check In desks

At the Check In desks, the signboard in front of one of the two relevant desks said "Delhi" but it was actually checking only passengers for Hyderabad as that flight was first! So Delhi ppassengers kept joining that queue and then, when discovering their "mistake", kept wanting to jump into the middle of the other desk's queue, which was processing Delhi Check Ins!

After Check In, when one tries to clear another round of security in order to get through to the Gate, there was further confusion quite unnecessarily:

In fact, there is probably totally unnecessary confusion there every morning, as late paasengers for Mumbai and then Hyderabad have to be speed processed while passengers who turn up on time for the Delhi flight have to wait in a separate line - but there is no system to indicate that, so the poor security staff and stewards have to shout, and repeat the same information over and over again, to get the non-system to work.

One would have thought that while the police and security staff rotate (at least, one hopes so, for security reasons!), the airline stewards work there regularly, so would have an interest in helping to create a system for their own comfort and health if not for the convenience of passengers, but for some reason, even the stewards seem to be content with or resigned to the non-system.

I wonder why?

I did not ask anyone but, in my experience, whenver such a question is raised, one is met with looks of blank incomprehension - even such simple questions seem impossibly huge.

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