Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The "puzzling" rise of Hitlerism in India

Readers who keep up with my "general" blog will be aware of my post titled "American versus Indian philanthropy": http://tinyurl.com/35uglsy

In response to this, someone who calls herself/himself "Jeremy" draws my attention to the following: http://tinyurl.com/35acsb3

As "Jeremy" provides no information about herself/himself, I regard that communication as an anonymous one, and I try very hard never to post anonymous comments on my blog - though there may be some lapses, as I am often responding from some strange time-zone in the middle of the night.

However, as the communication itself is worthwhile, I have provided the link above. The post at this link shows the puzzlement of a Western young lady at the pro-Hitler mania that possesses our country. The young lady is not aware of the decades-long promotion of Hitler by the Hindutva brigade, so she is naturally puzzled. If she is interested in following up the history of how pro-Hitlerism has been propagated in India, there are several books on the subject.

The whole attempt by the Hindutva brigade has been to glorify "strong" leadership (such as that of the despicable Narendra Modi) which provides economic benefits at the unnecessary cost of thousands of human lives - or I should say: the cost is unnecessary to economic progress, but necessary only to keeping the particular leader in power. At least in the perception of such "leaders", and the perception of those who support such "leaders".

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