Monday, 31 August 2009

Kerala and Switzerland

It is always interesting to see the response that people make on receiving a copy of my Personal Report, which I try to send out twice a year, once around the turn of the year, and once around now. My Report for the first half of 2009 has just been sent out, and it has produced the usual range of responses - except that one person who I did not know earlier, responded: "Can I wish you a Happy and prosperous "Onam" ? Not sure whether you have any opportunity to remember the Kerala festivals now a days."

That triggered a short series of thoughts which I put into the following reply:

How can I forget?!

Switzerland is probably the only country in the world where the majority of Indians is Malayali!

Out of the 7K indians here, 5k are Malayali!

I was told last week by someone who should know that there are 22 Indian associations here, the majority of which are (of course) Malayali

the city of Basel alone has at least 3 different Onam celebrations (that I know about - there may be others that I don't know about)

Kashmir is known as the Switzerland of Asia.... but Switzerland should be known as the Kerala of Europe :)

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