Tuesday, 5 May 2009

India's first fully bi-lingual Hindi-English magazine

I welcome the announcement that FORWARD, India's first magazine to have its full text in Hindi as well as in English, is ready for launch.

The idea of the magazine is to help Hindi-speakers have the English version of exactly the same material in order to improve their English, while also enabling them to keep up with current affairs.

Ditto for English-speakers who have some Hindi and want to improve their grasp of the language.

The magazine will appear monthly, and its first print run is 100,000 copies.

Congratulations to the Delhi-based team for struggling past all the hurdles that Indian bureaucracy can set up: the team started working on the magazine in January 2007!

It isn't easy to acquire property and to get hold of all the various permissions without giving a bribe, but they have done it!

Well done! And all best wishes!

Now they "only" have to make a success of it through distribution, ads and marketing!

(I should say that I am involved with the magazine, chiefly as cheer-leader!)

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  1. What a great idea, I say. And great ideas are usually simple. I also applaud the team behind this magazine for being courageous for taking a risk and launching this at a time of global financial uncertainty.
    Padma (UK)